Mechanic Resurrection

One more very popular movie is going to get his sequel. Now, it will be Jason Statham and his action thriller movie called Mechanic. This newest will be Mechanic Resurrection. This is one film that had his release date cancelled and prolonged, now it`s made to be at the end of August 2016. But who knows, it can be stretched little more. Filming began at the end of 2014 and it was mostly filmed in Bangkok, Thailand so we can expect awesome scenes. New Mechanic is distributed by Summit Entertainment and Lionsgate. Director of Mechanic Resurrection is Dennis Gansel.

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Mechanic Resurrection Plot

After Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) found out that his partner is dead, he decided to retire and stop killing people for money. But, it won`t be all as Bishop imagine it, his biggest enemy kidnaped the love of his life and he must go all around the world to finish three more impossible missions, three more assassinations. That`s what Bishop do the best and he will try to make all of those assassinations look like accidents in Mechanic Resurrection too.

Mechanic Resurrection Bishop

Mechanic Resurrection Cast and Producers

Jason Statham as Arthur Bishop

Jessica Alba as Gina

Tommy Lee Jones as Max Adams

Natalie Burn as Natalie Stone

Sam Hazeldine as Riah Crain

Michelle Yeoh as Mae

John Cenatiempo as Jeremy

Producers of Mechanic Resurrection are: William Chartoff, Frank DeMartini, David Winkler.

Mechanic Resurrection is written by: Phillip Shelby, Tony Mosner, Rachel Long, Brian Pittman.

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Mechanic Resurrection Release and final words

This movie is going to have budget estimated approximately the same as in the previous part, that will be around $40.000.000. As we`ve mentioned, producers of Mechanic Resurrection aren`t known by their punctuality so we still don`t have official release date but some rumors tells us that it`s going to be around 26th August 2016. This new Jason Statham`s movie will be just we are used to from him, full of action and full of great scenes. As we know, it`s going to be filmed in three different countries (United States, Thailand and France) so that promises great scenes.

If you want to know some trivia about this movie, you should know that Jason Statham and John Cenatiempo (stunts) worked together on Furious 7. Also, you should know that 2016 will be year of two more action movies releases where Tommy Lee Jones is playing, he`s playing in Criminal and Bourne: Sequel.

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