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One more movie that`ll be released at the spring of 2016 is 2016 Collide which will be one of the favorites for most of the reward because it`s going to be among the rarely car movies in this year, and he`s going to have great actors playing and, which is even more important, great story created. It`s going to be true action movie that will be all about speed, speed and speed. One of the great thing about this movie is that he`s going to show us totally different roles of one actors which are famous by some other kind of movies, not just true action like new 2016 Collide is. We`re going to see Nicholas Hoult, Ben Kingsley and Anthony Hopkins all working together and making this new movie, 2016 Collide,  to be one worth waiting for.

2016 Collide Poster

2016 Collide and Cars

There will be a lot of special cars in 2016 Collide because this movie is almost all about car and most of the action is happening on the highway but one car drew special attention to us. That`ll be newest generation of 2017 Jaguar F Type S Coupe which will definitely going to be more than suitable for this kind of movie, cause it can go really fast on that German highways, or Autobahns. Let`s see little more what new Jaguar have to offer, what you can expect in 2016 Collide, we`ll show you how will the newest, upcoming generation of Jaguar`s F Type look.

2017 Jaguar F Type

2017 Jaguar F Type S Coupe

We must start with his amazing design which will be more than suitable for high speeds because he`ll be made so his exterior will be extra functional and made so his aerodynamic abilities can be raised to entire new, higher level. That will definitely going to increase his price but this isn`t affordable car, this can be called as status symbol car. New 2017 Jaguar F Type S Coupe will have starting price of over $150.000 but when we take a look to all his functions, to all his performances, it`s really worth it. He`ll be powered by 5.0-liter V8 engine that is able to produce 567 horse power and torque of 516 lb/ft and it will be connected to the 8-speed automatic gear box. Using this kind of engine, 2017 Jaguar F Type S Coupe can go from 0-60 mph in3.5 seconds and he can go up to 190 mph as his maximum speed. Amazing car this is.

2016 Collide Scene

2016 Collide Plot

This movie`s going to be about a heist going totally wrong, so Casey (Nicholas Hoult) find himself running away from gang boss Hagen (Anthony Hopkins) because he accidentally stolen his briefcase. Now, Casey must ask for help from his former employer which is drug smuggler called Geran (Ben Kingsley). Casey will do anything to save his long-time girlfriend called Juliette (Felicity Jones). Then the action starts, he`ll take new Jaguar F Type S Type and take him on high speed chase on German highways. This 2016 Collide is directed by Eran Creevy and his release date is set to be start of April, 2016.

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