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2017 Genesis G90 Review, Hyundai

2017 Genesis G90 Front

Hyundai as one of the world’s leader in creating amazing sedans is ready to introduce their new product in their line of luxury sedans called G90 as part of Genesis. New 2017 Genesis G90 will definitely be perfect and surely the nicest that Hyundai can produce today. The look of new G90 will be stunning and he`s going to be real `head turner` because he can`t go unseen. A lot of excellent upgrades will new G90 receive but most of them will be to increase his beauty from the inside and outside because Hyundai wants new Genesis to be nicest car on the market.

The Founder 2016 Release, Review

The Founder 2016 Poster

This new movie that is about to be released tells a story about something that almost every person on the world knows about, story about McDonald`s food chain and it`s development. The Founder 2016 is about to be new biographical American movie which is about to have some real stars as leading roles, like Michael Keaton and Laura Dern. This true story will definitely make a lot of people interested to see how this world’s greatest food chain started working and how it become the best ever. This movie will be directed by John Lee Hancock and it will be written by Robert D. Siegel. Distribution will be done by The Weinstein Company.

2017 Ferrari 488 GTB Scuderia Review

2017 Ferrari 488 GTB Scuderia Front

Now when we start telling you that new 2017 Ferrari 488 GTB Scuderia will have the same exterior design as before, that he`s going to be powered with recognizable V8 engine, you`d think that this new Ferrari`s product will be boring or predictable, well, you`re wrong. New 488 GTB Scuderia will be among the finest cars for 2017 market and we can`t wait to see it coming out on the streets. We aren`t alone who wants that because, who can tell that he don`t like Ferrari.

The Man Who Knew Infinity 2016

The Man Who Knew Infinity 2016 Poster

The Man Who Knew Infinity 2016 is a British movie that will be released at the end of April 2016 and it is a great story which is based on the same title book from 1991 written by Robert Kanigel. This new movie will be biographical drama movie, which will stars some of the finest actors today and one of the actor with huge potential. If you are one of us, if you like to watch great true story, you will definitely love this movie. What is interest about this movie is that he was originally released in 2015 on some international Film Festivals and the critics are awesome and American crowd will have the pleasure to watch it very soon. No matter how long will we have to wait we will, because there is really great story hidden inside this movie and it will be such a shame missing it. This new movie is directed by Matthew Brown and it will be distributed by IFC Films.

2017 Tesla Model Y Review, Price

2017 Tesla Model Y Front

Tesla Motors will definitely continue producing amazing cars because their newest model which appeared on the market is at least in range with all others. New 2017 Tesla Model Y is amazing, it have unique styling and great performances that will make him have better range and it`s going to be extra strong. Great car to choose for everybody, especially for those that wants to be as greener as possible but to have some fun with their cars in the same way.

Deepwater Horizon 2016 True Story

Deepwater Horizon 2016 Poster

2016 will definitely be year when fantastic movies will be released and now, we can`t decide which one will we bring closer to you before you can watch it in the theatres. This time we`ve decided to make small review of upcoming American disaster drama, thriller and action movie called Deepwater Horizon 2016. This movie is based on true story which took place back in the 2010. When we know what names will be part of this movie there can`t be mistake with it, great story and great actors is perfect combination. This movie which we can`t wait to see on big screen will be directed by Peter Berg based on story by Matthew Sand and it will be distributed by Summit Entertainment.

2017 Lotus Esprit Redesign, Review

2017 Lotus Esprit Front

Back in the 1976 when Esprit was born there wasn`t a person that could say that this car is bad, because according to his every segment, it was fantastic for that time. We need Lotus to be as they was before. Now, according to some rumors which are going all around the car world, Lotus seems to be ready to release new generation of Esprit. Hearing that new 2017 Lotus Esprit will definitely appear makes all of us happy but Lotus must be carefully because we all have high expectations from new Esprit.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back 2016

Jack Reacher 2016 Poster

Somewhere at the autumn of 2016, when the heavily rains start to fall, all you need is to watch good movie and you`ll forget that boring weather outside. Well, one that you`ll really love is sequel of very popular Tom Cruise movie (and it isn`t new Mission Impossible), it is Jack Reacher: Never Go Back 2016. To be honest, we have huge expectation from this movie, mostly because we love first part but somehow because this is only sequel that Tom Cruise did, besides Mission Impossible, of course, and because we know how great actor Tom Cruise is we are sure that he won`t pick to play in a movie that wasn`t going to be great. This new Jack Reacher movie will be directed by Edward Zwick and it based on a novel from Lee Child. It will be distributed by Paramount Pictures which is also confirmation that this will be great movie.

2018 Porsche 988 Review, News

2018 Porsche 988 Front

Porsche, as company famous by making world’s most luxurious sport cars are about to release on more model ready for 2018 that will make them establish their status on the markets. That will be new 2018 Porsche 988 which is definitely going to be hard to compete with because Porsche will do their best to make him suitable for most of the customers but it isn`t a secret that new 988 will be primarily aimed for younger customers.

A Hologram for the King 2016

A Hologram for the King 2016 Poster

We are about to introduce one movie that represent great collaboration between two countries that have fantastic artist, this will be German-American comedy drama film called A Hologram for the King 2016. This new movie will have one, we can call him, super star Tom Hanks which will definitely increase popularity of this movie. It is based on a book written by Dave Eggers and it will be directed by Tom Tykwer. Distribution companies for this movie will be Lionsgate, Roadside Attractions and Saban Films. According to news which are coming from the distribution companies, this new movie shouldn`t be late and his release date is scheduled to be on April 22, 2016.