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2017 Trion Nemesis Price, News

2017 Trion Nemesis Front

On the market tough and fierce as car market really is, every company must fight for themselves, especially those which are founded recently. One of those is company called Trion that is rather young company which now must prove all the money invested. To do that only thing they need to do is to create amazing car, simple as that. They think that this new 2017 Trion Nemesis will help them attract a lot of customers and that this model will be their big breakthrough.

The Angry Birds Movie 3D, News

The Angry Birds Movie Poster

We are ready to introduce one more movie that is based on video game, this time, that`ll be new American-Finnish cooperation to create new 3D animation comedy movie called The Angry Birds Movie. This upcoming film will give answer to the question we all are asking, why are birds so angry on pigs. Great thing about this movie is that some awesome, and already proved in animation movies, actors will borrow their voices so the characters from Angry Birds game could come alive on the movie screen. Take all that together and we`re going to have awesome movie coming. New The Angry Birds will be directed by Fergar Reilly and Clay Kaytis and it will be distributed by Colombia Pictures and it will be animated by Sony Pictures Imageworks which is one of the best companies in the world for that.

2017 McLaren Shooting Brake Review

2017 McLaren Shooting Brake Front

Lately, McLaren keep getting us surprised, and in good way, they keep building awesome cars. One of those, which will definitely raise dust is new 2017 McLaren Shooting Brake that will be nothing less than exceptional. We all already know that McLaren really know how to make great engine and make it more than useful but seems that they`ve learned how to make car that looks just perfect, perfect combination with that great engine that is hidden under his hood.