2017 Ferrari F12tdf Engine, 0-60

Recently, internet and every car forums went crazy because Ferrari announced that they will definitely release newest and updated version with better performances of their famous model called F12 with tdf extension which means “Tour de France“. This new 2017 Ferrari F12tdf will be made in limited series and we expect to see only 800 pieces of this car which will have to fight for the customers because luxury sport cars markets are currently filled with new models but his biggest opponent will definitely going to be Aston Martin Vanquish.

2017 Ferrari F12tdf Front

2017 Ferrari F12tdf Exterior and Interior

This new car will be designed to be more aggressive so the other opponents will know with whom they are dealing with. New 2017 Ferrari F12tdf definitely won`t give up without fight. It will have bigger rear spoiler attached to keep him firmly on the ground and a lot of parts will be made using carbon fibers that will make him extra light and that will improve his performance. We expect to see him rolling on larger 20.0-inch alloy wheels that will make him improve his luxury and performances. Stronger brakes will be added that will improve his handling abilities and make it easily to control those huge speed.

2017 Ferrari F12tdf Interior

First thing that we must mention about the interior of 2017 Ferrari F12tdf is that you probably expect it to have almost everything made from leather but it won`t, actually almost nothing, except the steering wheel, will be made from leather. Entire cabin will be made from carbon fibers, Alcantara, high quality soft plastic or aluminum. Every that detail tells us that Ferrari will do everything to bear his opponents. Cabin will be painted in black with some yellow stripes which will be very nice touch from Ferrari`s engineers. Steering wheel will be jammed with functions that will help you control functions of Ferrari`s piece of art.

2017 Ferrari F12tdf Engine

Engine compartment is where the magic of 2017 Ferrari F12tdf really happens. This kind of fantastic car definitely deserves more than great engine to be connected to. This time, new F12tdf will be powered by 6.3-liter naturally aspired V12 engine and thanks to this engine, F12tdf will be able to control 780 horse power and torque of 705 Nm. This engine will be paired with F1 DCT dual clutch transmission system and with this engine, new 2017 Ferrari F12tdf will be able to create 215 mph as his maximum speed and he will go from 0-60 in just 2.8 seconds. RWD mode will be connected to this engine and that will help him to be firmly on the road.

2017 Ferrari F12tdf Rear

2017 Ferrari F12tdf Price and Release date

Starting price for this newest addition to the Ferrari`s lineup will be around $500.000 will be more than suitable for this amazing sport car. According to some rumors, new 2017 Ferrari F12tdf will be released at the September of 2016 but as 2017 model.

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