2017 Ford Territory Redesigned or not? See it yourself

When we take a look on all of the SUVs which are getting produced today, it seems that the companies will spoil customers because they try to make all of their wishes come true. Well, Ford, or to be precise, new 2017 Ford Territory will make all of your wishes came true but they won`t leave the computer do all the work, they want driver to be in control of this SUV. Because of that, new Territory will be capable to be taken off-road and that`s where the driver will be in total control of this crossover and that`s where new Territory can show all it can do.

2017 Ford Territory Front

2017 Ford Territory Redesigned or not? See it yourself

New 2017 Ford Territory won`t appear with some drastic changes when it comes to the exterior style. Ford will try to improve all the important details such as lights and bumpers but they won`t redesign them in with something iconic. As we`ve mention, focus for Ford`s engineers will be to make new Territory ready for off-road adventures. Because of that, they`ll reinforce both of the bumpers and they`ll give him new alloy wheels, probably 18.0-inch ones which will be suitable to be taken off-road. Larger air diffusers are present under headlights and they`ll make engine more effective than before so ne 2017 Ford Territory must be stronger than before with better performances than ever.

2017 Ford Territory Interior

Once you enter new 2017 Ford Territory you`ll wish you can`t run out of gas so you don`t need to get out. It will be perfectly arranged cabin with everything you need and more than that. Nice stitching and fine leather material completed with great lumbar support will make seats of new Territory one of a kind. Other than this great comfort and great spacious which is offered inside new Territory, Ford will do anything to make new Territory one of the most equipped crossovers on the market. There will be a lot of safety features and those which will make your trip go faster and easier to handle. There will be functions such as: parking sensors, cruise control, rear view camera, USB, Bluetooth and 4G LTE Internet connectivity, dual-zone climate controller and so many others to make your new 2017 Ford Territory ready for everything.

2017 Ford Territory Engine and Mpg

Two engine options which are most likely to be perfect for new 2017 Ford Territory are: 4.0-liter EcoBoost petrol engine and 2.7-liter turbo diesel engine. First engine can produce 477 horse power and torque amount of 639 Nm. Second type, diesel engine, is capable to deliver 395 hp and torque of 549 Nm. Both of these engine units will be connected to 8-speed automatic transmission which will allow new Territory be connected to the all-wheel drive mode which will make him easily go off-road and on every terrain.

2017 Ford Territory Rear

2017 Ford Territory Rumors and Speculations

We still don`t have official information`s regarding price and exact release date for new 2017 Ford Territory and all we know are just rumors and speculations. Those rumors tells us that new Territory could appear at the February of 2017 and not sooner than that and we think that his starting price, price for his basic trim level can`t go over $50.000.

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