2017 Honda Pilot have so much to show

When we all know how great SUV models Honda have produced in the past few years (CRV and HRV primarily), we are more than thrilled with the announcement made that one more will be part of their 2017 lineup. That model will be Pilot which was, until HRV and CRV appeared, Honda`s most popular SUV model and then they have stopped producing it. Because of that, this new 2017 Honda Pilot make us already so happy. We know that now Honda have all experience they might and they are now even more capable to produce one more SUV which will be remembered.

2017 Honda Pilot Front

2017 Honda Pilot have so much to show

There will be some changes on the exterior of new 2017 Honda Pilot which are worth mention. For start, one difference can be seen the minute you see this new Pilot. It`s bigger than before in every direction, his every dimension is bigger than before. Honda will put him on the similar platform as Acura`s newest MDX have so must be bigger. Because of the size changes, Honda must do all it takes so the weight won`t be significantly increased. To make that work, Honda will give him more carbon fiber and aluminum than before. As addition to the bigger overall size, every detail must be bigger as well. We can see that every light, expect fog lights, is getting bigger and it will work better thanks to new LED bulbs inside. It`s obvious that there is different headlamps design, they are now sharper than before with more angles on it. Next to the lights, we can see restyled grille with more chrome usage. Under those headlamps, we can see that new 2017 Honda Pilot is equipped with larger air diffusers to help the engine cool better.

2017 Honda Pilot Interior

This time, you can really see the difference when we compare this generation of Pilot with the previous generation. Biggest improvement is to make this SUV more technologically advanced. Just take a look on the instrument board inside new 2017 Honda Pilot and you`ll see that there is really hard work behind Honda`s engineers and designers. Other than great hi-tech equipment, Honda won`t forget to give new Pilot the most comfortable seats so the passengers will really enjoy the ride. This time, as new 2017 Honda Pilot is bigger than before, there will be 3rd row of seats added but passengers will still have enough room to enjoy. Because of that third row of seats which is now present, we know that they`ve had to install dual-zone climate controller to make all the passengers feel relaxed and pleasant.

2017 Honda Pilot is one of the strongest

Even though we have heard about one engine options for new 2017 Honda Pilot we are sure that Honda will offer at least one more because they have never left their customers with only one option. Until we found out something new, basic choice for new 2017 Honda Pilot as one of the newest SUVs will be 3.5-liter V6 unit with 290 hp and with decent torque amount, that is 267 lb/ft now. Honda revealed that this engine will work in pair with 6-speed automatic transmission system which will allow him to accelerate form 0 to 60 mph in just 9 seconds flat and we believe that this transmission will make him reduce fuel consumption but we still don`t have official estimations ready.

2017 Honda Pilot Rear

2017 Honda Pilot must have decent price

As we`ve heard, new 2017 Honda Pilot will be available from the summer of 2017 and his starting price could reach $30.000. Starting price and release date are just some speculations we`ve heard but because of some reliable sources that have told us that, we think that could be true.

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