2017 Lotus Esprit Redesign, Review

Back in the 1976 when Esprit was born there wasn`t a person that could say that this car is bad, because according to his every segment, it was fantastic for that time. We need Lotus to be as they was before. Now, according to some rumors which are going all around the car world, Lotus seems to be ready to release new generation of Esprit. Hearing that new 2017 Lotus Esprit will definitely appear makes all of us happy but Lotus must be carefully because we all have high expectations from new Esprit.

2017 Lotus Esprit Front

2017 Lotus Esprit Exterior and Interior

Definitely looks like focus on Lotus`s engineers was the way how will new Esprit look and it seems that they`ve succeeded in their attempt to make him look more aggressive and stronger, to look tough. It is enough that they`ve gave him very large air intakes under those amazing headlights and we know that they mean business with new 2017 Lotus Esprit. With the addition of those exhaustion pipes which now takes places on the end of each side of new Esprit, it looks even stronger. Taillights, also made in newest LED technology, are bigger than before and they`ll help him increase visibility.

Interior design, if half of that announced is true, will be really something special and something that will be worth waiting for. Lotus will complete with only premium and finest materials so we expect him to be extra classy inside. New 2017 Lotus Esprit will definitely won`t be the most spacious car you`ve had opportunity to be inside but it will be enough and more than you could expect from a car which is primarily meant to create high speed and huge power. Some of the newest technologically and safety functions will be installed in new 2017 Lotus Esprit and there could be: digital climate controller, cruise control, larger touchscreen display and more modern audio system will be added in new Esprit.

2017 Lotus Esprit Interior

2017 Lotus Esprit Engine

One, but one awesome engine is offered for new 2017 Lotus Esprit, so far, but we hope that Lotus will give him more options to choose from. We know that new Esprit will definitely be powered by 4.8-liter engine and as far some other option is concerned, we`ll have to wait little longer to see if Lotus will reveal anything new about it. This one basic engine option will be enough to generate 612 horse power and it will be connected to the 7-speed semi-automatic transmission system. With this great amount of power new 2017 Lotus Esprit will be able to go from 0-60 mph in just 3 seconds flat and we estimate that his maximum power will be around 212 mph.

2017 Lotus Esprit Rear

2017 Lotus Esprit Price and Release date

Release date and price for new 2017 Lotus Esprit are still under large question mark. There are still a lot of unknown details about this new Esprit so we can`t estimate how much he could cost. As far as release date is concerned, we think that new Esprit can`t be available before the winter of 2017.

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