2017 Rezvani Beast X Review

Rezvani Motors is company that is maybe currently the youngest on the market because they are founded in the 2014 and through that short period of time, they`ve manage to make a lot of people interest in their first and most popular product called Beast which was really a beast. This new 2017 Rezvani Beast X which receives this letter X which means that something special is going on, well, it is. We`ve prepared small review so you can see what new Beast X have to offer.

2017 Rezvani Beast X Front

2017 Rezvani Beast X Exterior and Interior

One thing that really separate him from the crowd of all modern super sport cars is that he really don`t look like one special supercar or futuristic car, no, he looks quite normal, like regular car that don`t have beast hidden inside. Of course, his shape is made to have great aerodynamic abilities which will help him boost his speed and power but other than that it`s quite normal. It have fine LED lights installed all over the car and very distinctive bumpers. New 2017 Rezvani Beast X will be made using carbon fibers mostly, with help of aluminum, making him lightweight car.

We still don`t have any official pictures or information`s how will new 2017 Rezvani Beast X look from the inside but we think that it won`t be that much different from the last version of this popular fast sport car. There will be sporty steering wheel jammed with all sort of functions making driver easy to control all the functions which are jammed. Seats will be well designed and from finest materials making the ride totally enjoyable, even the extra fast ride which new Beast X is more than capable to create.

2017 Rezvani Beast X Interior

2017 Rezvani Beast X Engine

This generation, 2017 Rezvani Beast X will be equipped with the same engine as in the previous version of this popular sport car with extra horse power added for that letter X. That will be 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine that will now be able to give this 2017 Rezvani Beast X more than 700 horse power. Now, Beast X can go from 0-60 mph in 2.3 seconds. We still don`t know anything about the transmission for this type of engine but we think that it might be the same 6-speed manual transmission system which was present at the previous Beast.

2017 Rezvani Beast X Rear

2017 Rezvani Beast X Price and Release date

Starting price and release date aren`t yet confirmed but we know that this kind of performance and look doesn`t come with cheap price at all, his starting price is estimated to be somewhere around $325.000 but this price isn`t a surprise because only 5 of these will be produced. We can see new 2017 Rezvani Beast X at the start of 2017.

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