2017 Tesla Model Y Review, Price

Tesla Motors will definitely continue producing amazing cars because their newest model which appeared on the market is at least in range with all others. New 2017 Tesla Model Y is amazing, it have unique styling and great performances that will make him have better range and it`s going to be extra strong. Great car to choose for everybody, especially for those that wants to be as greener as possible but to have some fun with their cars in the same way.

2017 Tesla Model Y Front

2017 Tesla Model Y Exterior and Interior

New 2017 Tesla Model Y will appear on the market as new car so we can`t compare him with anything other but fact is that he`s going to have unique design that will help him attract a lot of new customers. We found front part of new Model Y to be especially interesting because he`s unique but quite simple. Maybe Tesla`s secret is in that simplicity, they manage to make him look fantastic. Falcon opening door that new Model Y received is great touch we can say and that make us happy to see because we know that Tesla really pay a lot of attention to the customer’s needs. All the lights will use newest LED lamps and that will help them increase visibility and to increase safety with it.

Interior design of Tesla`s cars are always almost the same, they give their cars simple cabin design but extremely functional in the same way. This new 2017 Tesla Model Y will have large touchscreen jammed on the middle of instrument board and that display will be controller of every function that can be installed in new Model Y. Softest leather will be given to his seats which will make them extra cozy and enjoyable.

2017 Tesla Model Y Interior

2017 Tesla Model Y Engine

Tesla Motors revealed that new 2017 Tesla Model Y will be available in two different trim levels which will have different amount of power to control. Basic trim level of new Model Y will be powered by 60 kWh lithium-ion battery that will be enough to generate 400 horse power while second trim option will use 80 kWh battery that is more than enough for it because it can give him over 700 horse power. Those are all information`s we have so far about the engine for new 2017 Tesla Model Y, stay with us and when we found something new we`ll keep you informed.

2017 Tesla Model Y Rear

2017 Tesla Model Y Price and Release date

Electric cars are getting more and more popular every next day and because of that Tesla Motors can give new Model Y price what they want but they`ve decided to make him to be quite affordable so he`s going to have starting price of $50k which is quite affordable for this kind of vehicle. When we talk about the release date of new 2017 Tesla Model Y we must say that he`s probably going to be available somewhere at the spring of 2017.

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