2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 Review, News

We are all used to Mercedes`s super luxury cars with so much class offered, but this one that they prepare to release in 2018 will definitely be leader in that category. That should be 2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 which will surely raise some bars and make it hard to compete for other car companies but it`ll be hard for Mercedes to make next generation of AMG GT4 better than this one will be. According to first details we`ve had opportunity to see, this new AMG GT4 really have great potential hidden.

2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 Front

2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 Exterior and Interior

As we`ve mentioned, this new 2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 will be among the best looking car that have ever popped out of Mercedes`s factory. We must mention primarily that front part of his which is more than amazing. His wire-like grille is just shining with those sharp and clean LED headlights. Air vents are now larger than before so the engine will probably going to receive more power because of that improved cooling system. Overall exterior design of new AMG GT4 tells us that Mercedes will try to make it more aggressive and it will give more muscular feeling. New 2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 have really great exterior lines so he will definitely represent amazing category of luxury vehicles that must represent status symbol because of his price and because of his extravagant appearance.

2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 Interior

Even though we still don`t have that much details of how can interior of new 2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 look we definitely know that you can expect only the best materials, the best functions and the greatest level of comfort. This new AMG GT4 will have really roomy cabin and all of the 5 passengers (how much new AMG GT4 can receive) will enjoy maximum comfort of Mercedes`s newly designed leather seats with amazing lumbar support. As Mercedes always made his cabins with leather and metallic combination, this new 2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 will be that way created as well. As far as the hi-tech and safety functions are concerned, we must say that we still don`t know all the features that will be installed but we know that all the old ones, which are proved to work great, will be updated and there will definitely be some new ones added.

2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 Engine

After so many speculations about the engine for this new 2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 we`ve found out that only engine will be offered, so far. But we`ll take this with caution because Mercedes can reveal that there will be one more engine added as his release date comes closer. So far, we know that new AMG GT4 will be powered with 4.0-liter V8 twin turbocharged engine that will be supplied with 456 horse power and torque of 443 lb/ft in basic trim level of new AMG GT4. When it comes to the more equipped trim levels, they`ll have same engine with more power, it`ll be 503 horse power and maximum torque amount of 479 lb/ft. DCT transmission system is expected to be paired with this type of engine and with this kind of engine, new AMG GT4 can reach 60 mph in just 4 seconds.

2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 Rear

2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 Price and Release date

Now, the thing that most of you are wondering about, for what price can I get one of those? Well, for basic model of this new 2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 you`ll have to pay around $120.000 and according to all of the details about it, his most equipped trim level can cost over $140.000 and when we think about his release date, we must consider that Mercedes really work hard to complete this new 2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 even before the start of 2018, so we think that January of 2018 will be the date when new AMG GT4 will have its premiere.

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