Free State of Jones

Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey is going to be star of one more film that is surely going to blow our mind. That`ll be historical drama called Free State of Jones which will show us how farmers can make great rebel. This new movie is distributed by STX Entertainment and according to writer and director Gary Ross this film (for which he received budget of around $65.000) is going to be great to see some other side of Civil War and see the story of a small man. Other than Tap Roots (1948) this will be 2nd movie about the life and the fight of Newton Knight.

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Free State of Jones Plot

Story of Free State of Jones goes in 19th century in Mississippi where poor farmer called Newton Knight (Matthew McConaughey) which survived battle of Corinth in Civil War formed a group of farmers to lead them into armed rebellion against Confederacy army in Jones Country. In his little army even the local slaves joined to fight together with them. After the fight Newton Knight even marry one former slave called Rachel (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and proved that way that the mixed-race community is possible, even then in the post-war South.

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Free State of Jones Cast and Producers

Matthew McConaughey as Newton Knight

Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Rachel Knight

Keri Russel as Serena Knight

Mahershala Ali as Moses Washington

Jacob Lofland as Daniel

Sean Bridgers as Sumrall

Jessica Collins as Annie

Producers of Free State of Jones are: Jon Kilik, Gary Ross, Scott Stuber.

Free State of Jones Scene

Free State of Jones Release and Final words

So far, only 13th May 2016 is mentioned as release date for Free State of Jones in the US but when we consider everything that could happen, we could expect to see him till the end of May 2016 definitely. Production revealed that this movie has been filmed mostly in New Orleans and Lafayette, Louisiana. If you want to know some trivia for Free State of Jones you should know that over 7.000 sent their headshots hoping to enter the film as extras and one of those extras who entered movie is true relative of main character Newton Knight, which is his 3rd Great Grandfather. After his great role in Dallas Buyers Club (2014), Matthew McConaughey is hoping that he can reach Oscar one more time. According to all other movies which are set to release in this year we think that it`s going to be tough fight, primarily between him and Leonardo DiCaprio who has proved himself again in new The Revenant (2016). We`ll have to wait and see.

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  1. Bruce Cable says:

    My maternal grandfather’s surname was Knight; Harvey Jesse Newton Knight. I’ve always enjoyed the various stories surrounding Newton Knight, some favorable, others not so much. I believe the actual truth lies somewhere between the two…..

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