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Mechanic Resurrection

Mechanic Resurrection Poster

One more very popular movie is going to get his sequel. Now, it will be Jason Statham and his action thriller movie called Mechanic. This newest will be Mechanic Resurrection. This is one film that had his release date cancelled and prolonged, now it`s made to be at the end of August 2016. But who knows, it can be stretched little more. Filming began at the end of 2014 and it was mostly filmed in Bangkok, Thailand so we can expect awesome scenes. New Mechanic is distributed by Summit Entertainment and Lionsgate. Director of Mechanic Resurrection is Dennis Gansel.

Ride Along 2

Ride Along 2 Poster

We are almost ready to introduce second part of famous comedy film Ride Along. Soon, 15.1.2015 will be the day when Ride Along 2 will be introduced and shown to the audience all around the world. First part of this famous comedy movie was introduced in the 2014 and the filming of this newest part has been started in the June of 2014 and after almost two years, they are ready to introduce newest Ride Along. New Ride Along will be distributed by Universal Pictures which has been worked on the first part as well. Ride Along 2 is directed by Tim Story.