Florence Foster Jenkins 2016 Review, Trivia

We are so proud to be able to introduce you with this upcoming 2016 movie but primarily with one special person, woman that made so many people think that they can do all they want and wish for just if they want it enough to work hard and not let anyone make them believe they aren`t worth it. Her name, and the name of movie is Florence Foster Jenkins 2016. It is great biographical drama, true story movie which will definitely make viewers happy and emotional because of a story about this lady. This fantastic, inspiring true story will be directed by Stephen Frears and it is written by Nicholas Martin and some most fantastic actors will play leading roles in this movie. Interesting thing about this movie is that London audience already had opportunity to have this movie because London premiere was held on April 12th and all the viewers are more than thrilled with what they`ve seen during almost 2 hours of this movie. This new Florence Foster Jenkins 2016 will be distributed by 20th Century Fox.

Florence Foster Jenkins 2016 Poster

Florence Foster Jenkins 2016 Synopsis

As we`ve said, this is one great, inspiring true story which will tell us story about word worst singer. Her name is Florence Foster Jenkins 2016 (Meryl Streep) and she`s famous New York heiress which had only one dream, to become famous opera singer. There is one problem about it, she have terrible singing voice. That won`t let her down, she think that she knows to sing and music is definitely biggest love in her life. Biggest support in their goal of becoming famous singer which will play in Carnegie Hall are her husband St Clair McMoon (Hugh Grant) and man he hired to help her achieve her goal called Cosme McMoon (Simon Helberg).

Florence Foster Jenkins 2016 Actors

Florence Foster Jenkins 2016 Actors and Producers

Meryl Streep as Florence Foster Jenkins

Simon Helberg as Cosme McMoon

Hugh Grant as St Clair Bayfield

Rebecca Ferguson as Kathleen

Neve Gachev as Friend of Florence

Josh O`Connor as Donaghy

John Kavanagh as Arturo Toscanini

Producers of Florence Foster Jenkins 2016 are: Michael Kuhn and Tracey Seaward.

Florence Foster Jenkins 2016 Scene

Florence Foster Jenkins 2016 Release date and Trivia

As we`ve mention, some audience in London already had opportunity to watch new Florence Foster Jenkins 2016 but people in the US will have that chance on 12th August 2016 and we can`t wait that date to come. Biggest part of this movie was filmed in Liverpool, England but some part are filmed in London as well. Interesting thing about this movie is about Hugh Grant. He was almost totally retired when the director of this movie convinced him to play in it. Later, when people asked him why he accepted that role, he said that is only because that was his chance to play next to amazing Meryl Streep which said that she taught she was old and that she though that it is impossible for Hugh Grant to get old but we can see in this new Florence Foster Jenkins 2016 that it is possible.

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