Genius 2016 Plot and Review

We can introduce you one more time with true story movie because we think that true story based movies are getting more and more popular, we definitely love it. It is history presented great on the big screen, if those historical personalities are played by some amazing actors like in this movie are, it`s only a bonus. This Genius 2016 is American-British biographical drama story which tells great story about writer and publicist that needs to publish his new book. Just take a look on the actors which will play leading role in this movie and you`ll already attracted. There will be two Academy Award winners and some more Nominees. This new Genius 2016 will be directed by Michael Grandage and it will be written by John Logan. This new movie will be distributed by Summit Entertainment.

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Genius 2016 Plot

As we`ve mention, Genius 2016 will tell us story about Thomas Wolfe (Jude Law) which was Southern-American written and his connection with the publisher called Maxwell Perkins (Colin Firth) which worked for New York Times. Maxwell Perkins was previously published books of so many amazing authors such as: F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway as two most popular American writers. Because of that, Wolfe wants only Perkins to publish his books. Besides their joined work on reducing the pages on one of his new books, this movie tells great story about a friendship of these two people.

Genius 2016 Actors

Genius 2016 Actors and Producers

Colin Firth as Maxwell Perkins

Jude Law as Thomas Wolfe

Nicole Kidman as Aline Bernstein

Dominic West as Ernest Hemingway

Guy Pearce as F. Scott Fitzgerald

Laura Linney as Louise Saunders

Vanessa Kirby as Zelda Fitzgerald

Producers of Genius 2016 are: James Bierman, Michael Grandage, John Logan and Tracey Seaward.

Genius 2016 Scene

Genius 2016 Release date and Trivia

Great thing about new Genius is that he was already released in February because he was competed for Golden Bear in Movie Festival in Berlin but he unfortunately lost. All the people which saw this movie back then was thrilled and even they can`t wait to see him on big screen again. Release date for the rest of the world, and America of course, is now scheduled for 10 June 2016. Most interesting thing about this movie is that Scott Berg`s book on which this movie is based called “Max Perkins: Editor of Genius“ won the National Book Award in 1978. One very interesting thing about Genius 2016 is that in real life, Thomas Wolfe was 20 years younger than his wife. Watch this movie, it won`t be a mistake at all.

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