Ice Age: Collision Course Final Part

One of the most popular animated movie from 21st century is about to receive his 5th sequel in this year. That will be newest Ice Age: Collision Course which is about to become one of the animated movies with most sequels. This new one will be sequel to the movie from 2012 and this will be great American computer-animated family adventure movie which will be written by Michael J. Wilson. Great thing about this new Ice Age is that every star from earlier movies will be there to borrow voice to the same characters again with some new stars added to make it even better. Newest part will be directed by Mike Thurmeier and Galen T. Chu and it will be distributed by 20th Century Fox. Great thing about this movie is that they`ll continue to make it available in both 3D and IMAX 3D which will, without doubt, make a lot of viewers happy with the picture quality.

Ice Age Scene

Ice Age: Collision Course Plot

This new Ice Age: Collision Course will start as any other part before him. Scratch will search for his acorn. This time, his journey will finish setting him far away from Earth where he`ll find himself accidentally set off serious of cosmic events which will put Planet Earth in danger. To save themselves and rest of the herd from peril, our favorite main characters Manny, Sid and Diego will have to leave the herd and travel to new and exotic lands where they`ll find some new and interesting characters. On that journey they`ll find out a lot of adventure, laugh, quest full of thrills and spills and many other thing which will make us love them even more.

Ice Age Actors

Ice Age: Collision Course Actors and Producers

Ray Romano as Manny / voice

Denis Leary as Diego / voice

John Leguizamo as Sid / voice

Queen Latifah as Ellie / voice

Melissa Rauch as Francine / voice

Jennifer Lopez as Shira / voice

Seann William Scott as Crash / voice

Max Greenfield as Roger / voice

Producer of Ice Age: Collision Course is Lori Forte.

Ice Age Poster

Ice Age: Collision Course Release date and Trivia

Newest addition to the animated movies for 2016 will be Ice Age: Collision Course and he`s expected to be released on July 22, 2016 and some viewers, those in the United Kingdom will have opportunity to watch it week before. Most interesting thing about this movie and the thing that will make a lot of us unhappy and sad is that this will be last movie in this extra famous franchise. It was very nice journey with the same famous crew and we hope to see final movie at least as good as the ones before.

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