Jason Bourne 2016 Plot

Definitely one of the movies that has been talking the most is knew movie about Jason Bourne 2016 who will be played by fantastic Matt Damon again because he didn`t wanted to play in the Bourne Legacy because Paul Greengrass wasn`t the director of that movie. This is going to be 5th movie about secret agent Jason Bourne and it`s going to be sequel for a The Bourne Ultimatum from 2007. Only few days ago we`ve had opportunity to see trailer for this fascinating spy action thriller movie and we`re amazed. Logo for this movie is “You know his name“ and we all do. This newest addition to the great story about secret agent called Bourne will be directed by Paul Greengrass and it will be distributed by Universal Pictures.

Jason Bourne 2016 Poster

Jason Bourne 2016 Plot

Plot for this movie is still unknown but because we know Matt Damon (Winner of one Oscar), and we know Paul Greengrass there is no doubt that new Jason Bourne 2016 will definitely going to be filled with action and more of the excitement. Only few days ago, when the teaser trailer appeared, poster and official movie name appeared so we don`t know precise plot details. But, as the logo said, you know Bourne, be sure you won`t be bored in theaters. One more thing that tells us that this newest addition to the Bourne story will be more than great are the amazing actors that will be present in this movie. See all of them bellow.

Jason Bourne 2016 Scene

Jason Bourne 2016 Actors and Producers

Matt Damon as Jason Bourne

Julia Stiles as Nicky Parsons

Tommy Lee Jones as Robert Dewey, CIA director

Vincent Cassel

Alicia Vikander

Riz Ahmed as Aaron Kalloor, CIA`s tech specialist

Ato Essandoh

Jason Bourne 2016 Producers are: Frank Marshall, Paul Greengrass, Matt Damon and Gregory Goodman.

Jason Bourne 2016 Cast

Jason Bourne 2016 Release date and Final Words

Release date for new Jason Bourne 2016 is announced to be at 29 July 2016 in the USA and we`ve already heard that we can expect it little over that date. We can say that, because Matt Damon had a break with one Jason Bourne movie, he is fully prepared for this movie and according to our sources he don`t have any movie to film in this year so he`s fully focused for this movie so don`t be surprised if Matt Damon puts one more Oscar in his collection, who knows. We`ll have to wait little longer to see it.

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