True story. The Infiltrator 2016

The Infiltrator 2016 Poster

True story. Who doesn`t love great true story. When it is true story about one famous character of the 20th century we are even more interested in that movie. This time, that`ll be The Infiltrator 2016. This new movie will be true American crime drama, the one that we love the most. It`ll be based on the biography that former federal customs and excise agent called Robert Mazur wrote. One of the main actors in this movie is Bryan Cranston famous by his amazing role in extremely popular TV show called “Breaking Bad“. When we see him in movie, we know that it is going to be awesome with so many great scenes, primarily action ones. This film will be directed by Brad Furman and it`s written by Ellen Brown Furman. New criminal hit to be, is distributed by Broad Green Pictures.

Great example of French fashion is new 2017 Peugeot 3008!

2017 Peugeot 3008 Front

French people are famous by their style and awesome design because they are experts in fashion. Because of that, we expect fantastic design of Peugeot`s new SUV which is about to be revealed. This new 2017 Peugeot 3008 is announced more than one time and we still haven`t find out anything new about it, we are only sure that he`s going to be released in 2017 and that his exterior is going to be awesome.

Money Monster 2016 Plot, Trivia

Money Monster 2016 Poster

This new movie which will be shown very quick will be real thriller, just the way thriller lover’s wants movies to be. New Money Monster 2016 will have everything it takes, amazing actors which will play leading role (Julia Roberts and George Clooney) and amazing story to tell, know this, script for this movie was the best in 2014, the best that wasn`t filmed. This movie will be directed by Jodie Foster and it will be distributed by TriStar Pictures. Even though his release date is scheduled for 13th of May, audience on Cannes Film Festival will have pleasure to watch it day before rest of the world. Not big budget is behind this movie ($30 million) but when you look the story, that`s all you need.

Simple but effective, new 2017 Renault Kadjar

2017 Renault Kadjar Front

Based on the picture we`ve seen where new 2017 Renault Kadjar is placed in the nature and where he remain to shine in his full shine there is no doubt that Renault will give him great off-road abilities but with design that every true city, SUV made just to be seen in, will be proud of. Renault really paid special attention to new Kadjar and made sure that you can`t forget him that easy, he`ll always going to be somewhere in your mind, remanding you that you should get one just for you.

Power Rangers 2017 Review

Power Rangers 2017 Poster

This will be highly anticipated movie, primarily from children but also from most of us adults that grown up with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and which dreamed to become one of the Power Rangers. This newest Power Rangers 2017 will be American super hero fantasy movie which will be part of extra famous franchise. First Rangers appeared in 1995 and this newest Power Rangers 2017 will be directed by Dean Israelite and it will be distributed by Lionsgate. This new movie received huge budget to be released the way this popular movie deserves, and that`s around $120 million which should cover everything it takes. Originally this film should be released even before the beginning of 2017 but after some production problems it is delayed for spring of 2017.

Brand new, better than before 2017 Fiat 500x

2017 Fiat 500x Front

When the demands for crossovers is so big and the customers always wants more from the car Companies we know that every car Company will try to create one new SUV that will be just the one for the customers to choose. Newest crossover we`ve heard about coming from Fiat as great Italian producer. That will be new 2017 Fiat 500x which was announced primarily in 2014 at Paris Auto Show and that first generation came on great approval with the customers so they`ve decided to make new one, with way better performances.

Great for off-road, 2017 Jeep Wrangler

2017 Jeep Wrangler Front

Since his first generation was introduced in 1987, Wrangler had his audience which loved his shape, his style and his design. That will be the same way now, 30 years later when new 2017 Jeep Wrangler will be produced. Even though some critics think that after 30 years of producing it, Jeep should make complete redesign on Wrangler we, and the people from Jeep and Chrysler (which is owner of Jeep) think that Wrangler is perfect the way it is.

Doctor Strange 2016 Synopsis

Doctor Strange 2016 Poster

In the year where a lot of Marvel comics based movies are going to be released we are about to welcome one more to the list. That will be Doctor Strange 2016 and it`s going to be 14th movie ever produced based on Marvel Comics. It is going to be American super hero movie which, when you know that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing leading role, can`t have a mistake. Doctor Strange isn`t well known name in Comic world but it hides great story so this movie is maybe the most expected ones to come to the big screen. This new movie will be directed by Scott Derrickson, produced by Marvel Studios and distribution will be left to the Walt Disney Motion Pictures. The minute this movie had its trailer revealed thousands of viewers press like on it.

2017 Chevrolet Captiva will be awesome, no doubt in that!

2017 Chevrolet Captiva Front

Back in the 2006 Chevrolet came out with new SUV model called Captiva which was for that time, futuristic looking crossover. Now, 10 years later, they are ready to reveal that new version of Captiva is going to be ready for 2017 year markets. That upcoming 2017 Chevrolet Captiva is again going to ahead of its time, Chevrolet will make him look amazing still keeping his recognizable design and shape, the one he`s known for.

Alice Through the Looking Glass 2016

Alice Through the Looking Glass 2016 Poster

Children will definitely enjoy movie choice in 2016 because there are going to be some great choices for them to watch but some of those movies will definitely make their parents and a lot of other adults interested in. Those are some classic`s which can`t get old. One of those is definitely going to be movie based on famous story by Lewis Caroll, new American fantasy adventure film with so many huge names playing leading other rolls. That`ll be Alice Through the Looking Glass 2016 and we can`t wait to see it on huge screen. Newest Alice adaption will be directed by James Bobin and it will present sequel to the Alice in Wonderland from 2010. Newest Alice will be distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.