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We must say that we`ve missed this kind of movies, the ones with the catastrophes, with pandemic of deadly viruses and the ways how will humans win that virus. This new Patient Zero 2016 is movie that will show exactly that. It will be American fantasy horror-thriller film which will definitely be different from some other movies that will appear during this year. This Patient Zero, which should be called as `Patient Z` will definitely have great popularity because we think that we aren`t the only ones that have missed this kind of genres. New Patient Zero will be directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky and it will be written by Mike Lee. Great Distribution Company is behind this movie, which will be Columbia Pictures.

Patient Zero 2016 Poster

Patient Zero 2016 Plot

Huge pandemic came to the Earth, pandemic of rabies, most of the humans are infected. All those infected are turned into new, highly intelligent species called “The Infected“. One of the humans which survived, Morgan (Matt Smith), which have the ability to talk with those which are infected and his mission is to find an antidote and to protect the entire humanity. From that comes the name of the movie Patient Zero 2016, they must find Patient Zero. In his help comes virologist Dr. Gina Rose (Natalie Dormer) and she`ll lead scientific efforts while Colonel Knox (Clive Standen) will lead military front.

Patient Zero 2016 Actors

Patient Zero 2016 Actors and Producers

Natalie Dormer as Dr. Gina Rose

Matt Smith as Morgan

Stanley Tucci

Clive Standen as Colonel Knox

John Bradley as Scooter

Agyness Deyn as Janet

Dilyana Bouklieva as Military Trauma Medic

Producer of Patient Zero 2016 is Vincent Newman.

Patient Zero 2016 Scene

Patient Zero 2016 Release date and Trivia

In August 2015, Sony Pictures announced release date of Patient Zero 2016 as brand new horror-thriller movie is scheduled to be on September 2, 2016. Filming this movie began on March 3, 2015 in London where most of the filming takes place. Interesting thing about this movie is that his script was featured as the best script that hasn`t been made in 2013. Also, we all know that in mega hit series called “Game Of Thrones“ we have both Natalie Dormer and John Bradley they haven`t had any scene together, well, in Patient Zero that is about to be changed. Natalie Dormer and Stanley Tucci as well, they`ve played together in The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 & 2 and Captain America: The First Avenger and they didn`t had a scene together, until Patient Zero 2016.

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