Ride Along 2

We are almost ready to introduce second part of famous comedy film Ride Along. Soon, 15.1.2015 will be the day when Ride Along 2 will be introduced and shown to the audience all around the world. First part of this famous comedy movie was introduced in the 2014 and the filming of this newest part has been started in the June of 2014 and after almost two years, they are ready to introduce newest Ride Along. New Ride Along will be distributed by Universal Pictures which has been worked on the first part as well. Ride Along 2 is directed by Tim Story.

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Ride Along 2 Plot

Second part of Ride Along will feature the same stars as in the first part, there will be Kevin Hart and Ice Cube as well and the customers loved it. Now, Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) finishes police Academy and now he want to become real detective while he now works as full-fledged Atlanta Police Department cop. James Payton (Ice Cube) is still annoyed by the way he works and now, Ben is going to marry James`s sister Angela (Tika Sumpter) so they`ll became brothers in law. New Ride Along 2 takes us in Miami where these two are going to work together on a case to bring down popular drug dealer named Antonio Pope which is played by Benjamin Bratt. Interesting thing about this movie is there are going to appear Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade which are famous Miami Heat players.

Ride Along 2 Scene

Ride Along 2 Cast and Producers

Most popular actors in this movie are:

Kevin Hart as Ben Barber

Ice Cube as James Payton

Tika Sumpter as Angela Payton-Barber

Benjamin Bratt as Antonio Pope

Olivia Munn as Maya Cruz

Ken Jeong as A.J.

Glen Powell as Troy

Producers of this movie are:  Matt Alvarez, Larry Brezner, Ice Cube, Will Packer and  J. C. Spink.

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Ride Along 2 Release and Final Words

As we`ve mentioned, Ride Along 2 will be released at the 15th of January in the US and then we expect movie theaters premiers all around the world and the customers wait it eagerly. This newest action comedy is a movie that will be more than able to make you laugh but still to make you want to look movie till the end and to wait what`s going to happen with your favorite characters from last part. As we all know, it is really hard to make sequel of a movie, especially when the 1st part was that good as Ride Along was, people expect a lot from it but we are sure that you won`t be disappointed by the thing you`re going to see when you take a look on Ride Along 2.

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