Simple but effective, new 2017 Renault Kadjar

Based on the picture we`ve seen where new 2017 Renault Kadjar is placed in the nature and where he remain to shine in his full shine there is no doubt that Renault will give him great off-road abilities but with design that every true city, SUV made just to be seen in, will be proud of. Renault really paid special attention to new Kadjar and made sure that you can`t forget him that easy, he`ll always going to be somewhere in your mind, remanding you that you should get one just for you.

2017 Renault Kadjar Front

2017 Renault Kadjar Redesign

First thing that we must mention is the thing we`ve noticed first. That is that new 2017 Renault Kadjar isn’t that much boxy as before, it have more smooth lines on his exterior even though it can`t be said that it is built with some iconic changes comparing it with the previous generation. We didn`t know that until Renault officials tell us that because new Kadjar looks way nicer than before. Only thing that can be called as totally restyled are his air diffusers which are bigger and they can serve engine better. All the lights are slightly restyled and updated to be totally modern. What is new are sunroof which is added to new 2017 Renault Kadjar making him even more attractive. Renault ensured us that everybody could find something to love on new Kadjar and great thing about him is that he`s going to be offered with more than enough exterior color options and basic one will be fire red which is presented.

2017 Renault Kadjar Interior

Renault will design interior of their new Kadjar as they always have, simple but effective with so many nice and fine details inside to make the passengers stay longer inside. What is great about the infotainment system installed in new 2017 Renault Kadjar is that every function is simpler to use than it was before. Seats will be made using simple but fine and soft materials which will make passengers feel extra cozy and relaxed during journey. Renault announced that new 2017 Renault Kadjar will be totally modernized with so many new functions but we still don`t know precise information`s what new features will be present but we expect to see only proved ones.

2017 Renault Kadjar Engine and Mpg

Renault probably won`t change engine options for new 2017 Renault Kadjar and they`ll probably continue to produce new Kadjar with the same engine options as before just with some upgrades made, probably with reduced fuel consumption to make him more attractive to the customers. First, we`ve heard about 1.5-liter inline-4 engine which should be basic in new Kadjar and this one is able to supply this SUV with 110 horse power. Next there can be 1.6-liter inline-4 with 130 hp. Last option could be 1.2-liter 4-cylinder engine.

2017 Renault Kadjar Side

2017 Renault Kadjar Release date and his Price

Starting price for new 2017 Renault Kadjar will probably go around $24.000 so we can call new Kadjar as affordable SUV which can be released as 2017 year starts, probably even in January of 2017.

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