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Trolls 2016 Synopsis, Review, Trivia

Trolls 2016 Poster

Dream Works Animation is definitely Company that knows how to create magnificent animated movie which customers will love even before it is released. Newest movie which will appear is Trolls 2016 which is based on the Trolls dolls by Thomas Dam. So many amazing people will take part in this American 3D musical computer-animated comedy movie which definitely have what it takes to enter the hearts of the kids but in the adult hearts as well. This will definitely be movie which will be real refreshment in the theatres. Great thing about it is that he`s going to be released in the winter and this cartoon or animated movie will be great to make you warm. New Trolls will be directed by Mike Mitchell and Walt Dohrn and it`s going to be distributed by 20th Century Fox.

Ice Age: Collision Course Final Part

Ice Age Scene

One of the most popular animated movie from 21st century is about to receive his 5th sequel in this year. That will be newest Ice Age: Collision Course which is about to become one of the animated movies with most sequels. This new one will be sequel to the movie from 2012 and this will be great American computer-animated family adventure movie which will be written by Michael J. Wilson. Great thing about this new Ice Age is that every star from earlier movies will be there to borrow voice to the same characters again with some new stars added to make it even better. Newest part will be directed by Mike Thurmeier and Galen T. Chu and it will be distributed by 20th Century Fox. Great thing about this movie is that they`ll continue to make it available in both 3D and IMAX 3D which will, without doubt, make a lot of viewers happy with the picture quality.

Florence Foster Jenkins 2016 Review, Trivia

Florence Foster Jenkins 2016 Poster

We are so proud to be able to introduce you with this upcoming 2016 movie but primarily with one special person, woman that made so many people think that they can do all they want and wish for just if they want it enough to work hard and not let anyone make them believe they aren`t worth it. Her name, and the name of movie is Florence Foster Jenkins 2016. It is great biographical drama, true story movie which will definitely make viewers happy and emotional because of a story about this lady. This fantastic, inspiring true story will be directed by Stephen Frears and it is written by Nicholas Martin and some most fantastic actors will play leading roles in this movie. Interesting thing about this movie is that London audience already had opportunity to have this movie because London premiere was held on April 12th and all the viewers are more than thrilled with what they`ve seen during almost 2 hours of this movie. This new Florence Foster Jenkins 2016 will be distributed by 20th Century Fox.

Mike and Dave Need Weeding Dates 2016

Mike and Dave Need Weeding Dates 2016 Poster

Summer of 2016 will be the period when we`re about to see newest American romantic comedy called Mike and Dave Need Weeding Dates 2016 which will host some of the most popular young actors such as Zac Efron and Anna Kendrick. Both of these actors are currently among the most popular ones in the Hollywood so we know that there can`t be mistake when you have those two together in a movie. This newest comedy is directed by Jake Szymanski and the story is written by Andrew J. Cohen and Brendan O`Brien. When it comes to the distribution, this new hit will be distributed by famous 20th Century Fox.

Independence Day: Resurgence News, Release

Independence Day Poster

When we`ve mentioned that we`re about to have years of sequels, we know why we are talking that. One more sequel is about to be released in 2016. That is American iconic science fiction disaster movie called Independence Day: Resurgence which is sequel from Independence Day movie from 1996, movie that gained huge popularity. What is amazing about this sequel is that all the leading actors from first part will be stars of this new movie as well. Budget for this piece of work is huge, it is estimated that they`ve had received more than $200 million to accomplish this movie. This movie will be directed by Roland Emmerich and it will be distributed by 20th Century Fox.