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The Jungle Book 2016 Release, Cast

The Jungle Book 2016 Poster

We all know about the Jungle Book story and we all have watched more than one time definitely but this newest The Jungle Book 2016 can be the best so far because it is made in absolutely amazing quality and with more than spectacular actors that gives voice to the animals we loved in our childhood. That is also one amazing thing about the Jungle Book, it isn`t movie that is only for children, it is suitable for adults as well because everyone can find lesson for himself. New The Jungle Book 2016 will be great animation adventure fantasy film that will be shown in Disney Digital 3D and IMAX 3D at the April of 2016. This movie, new The Jungle Book 2016 is directed by Jon Favreau, written by Justin Marks and it will be produced by Walt Disney Pictures.

2016 Collide / 2017 Jaguar F Type

2016 Collide Poster

One more movie that`ll be released at the spring of 2016 is 2016 Collide which will be one of the favorites for most of the reward because it`s going to be among the rarely car movies in this year, and he`s going to have great actors playing and, which is even more important, great story created. It`s going to be true action movie that will be all about speed, speed and speed. One of the great thing about this movie is that he`s going to show us totally different roles of one actors which are famous by some other kind of movies, not just true action like new 2016 Collide is. We`re going to see Nicholas Hoult, Ben Kingsley and Anthony Hopkins all working together and making this new movie, 2016 Collide,  to be one worth waiting for.