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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One Poster

Period close to the New Year`s eve is about to be interesting, if you found yourselves to can`t find what to buy for some one very close to you, you can always take him to the movie theater. That`s when you can watch new, epic movie called Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. This will be first movie in the upcoming Star Wars Anthology which will be new story in Star Wars universe and according to our opinion, this is great move to make even more people love Star Wars, especially for those which aren`t fans of this great franchise. This new movie which should be released at the half of December, 2016, is directed by Gareth Edwards and it is going to be distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and it is going to feature some of the most famous actors.

2016 Collide / 2017 Jaguar F Type

2016 Collide Poster

One more movie that`ll be released at the spring of 2016 is 2016 Collide which will be one of the favorites for most of the reward because it`s going to be among the rarely car movies in this year, and he`s going to have great actors playing and, which is even more important, great story created. It`s going to be true action movie that will be all about speed, speed and speed. One of the great thing about this movie is that he`s going to show us totally different roles of one actors which are famous by some other kind of movies, not just true action like new 2016 Collide is. We`re going to see Nicholas Hoult, Ben Kingsley and Anthony Hopkins all working together and making this new movie, 2016 Collide,  to be one worth waiting for.