The Accountant 2016 Actors and Producers

We are about to introduce you one movie which as minute we`ve heard about, we`ve become so interested about it that we just can`t wait to see it. It have very interesting actors list and great story of course. That will be The Accountant 2016 which will be great American thriller-action film created to make you stuck in your chair from the beginning to the end. This is definitely one of those movies which will be impossible to understand if you miss just a second from it. Even though it is mostly about one character, it`ll be extra interesting to see entire story about it. This new thriller for 2016 will by written by Bill Dubuque and it will be directed by Gavin O`Connor. Release date is set for autumn of 2016 which is even better because it is proved that people visit movie theatres the most in the autumn, when the rains start. This newest film, new The Accountant 2016, will be distributed by one of the world`s famous company which is one more proof that this is great movie, that is Warner Bros. Pictures.

The Accountant 2016 Scene

The Accountant 2016 Plot

Story of The Accountant 2016 becomes when parents of young Christian “Chris“ Wolff (Ben Affleck) realize that their child is different than the other kids, he`s quiet and he likes numbers more than people. Some experts discover that he`s extra intelligent and that he have more similarities with some of the world`s greatest minds like Ainstein and Mozzart for example, than with the other, “normal“ people. Because of his incredible intelligent, he use cover as small-town CPA office he works as freelance assassin for some of the most dangerous criminal organizations. Crime Enforcement Division are getting really close to him, he decide take on legal client, robotics company where he works as accounting clerk. During his job, he un-cook their books and discover discrepancy involving millions of dollars.

The Accountant 2016 Actor

The Accountant 2016 Actors and Producers

Ben Affleck as Christian “Chris“ Wolff

Anna Kendrick as Dana Cummings

J. K. Simmons as Ray King

Jon Bernthal as Brax

Cyntia Addai-Robinson as Marybeth Medina

Jeffrey Tambor as Francis Silverberg

John Lithgow as Lamar Black

Producers of The Accountant 2016 are: Mark Williams and Lynette Howell Taylor.

The Accountant 2016 Poster

The Accountant 2016 Release date and Trivia

As we`ve mention, release date of new The Accountant 2016 is set for autumn, or to be precise, on October 14, 2016. That is getting close, and we can`t wait to welcome this movie and to watch it, we can`t watch his great trailer any more. You could see that there is really great actors in this movie. Just knowing that there are two Academy Award Winners (Ben Affleck and J. K. Simmons) and two nominees (Anna Kendrick and John Lithgow) is enough to make you interested in this movie. No doubt that with this The Accountant 2016 we could have serious candidates for Academy Award Winners.

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