The Jungle Book 2016 Release, Cast

We all know about the Jungle Book story and we all have watched more than one time definitely but this newest The Jungle Book 2016 can be the best so far because it is made in absolutely amazing quality and with more than spectacular actors that gives voice to the animals we loved in our childhood. That is also one amazing thing about the Jungle Book, it isn`t movie that is only for children, it is suitable for adults as well because everyone can find lesson for himself. New The Jungle Book 2016 will be great animation adventure fantasy film that will be shown in Disney Digital 3D and IMAX 3D at the April of 2016. This movie, new The Jungle Book 2016 is directed by Jon Favreau, written by Justin Marks and it will be produced by Walt Disney Pictures.

The Jungle Book 2016 Poster

The Jungle Book 2016 Plot

Story in the Jungle Book is known to us all so we`re going to pay more attention to the actors that to the story, but for few of those that don`t know about The Jungle Book 2016 is, we`ve prepared small review about it. Mowgli is small child, orphan, that is raised in jungle, mostly by his faithful friend’s wolves Raksha and Akela, blank panther called Bagheera and bear called Baloo. In the story, Mowgli`s been forced to go away from the jungle because according to Bengal tiger called Shere Khan, human have no place in the jungle. When he left that part of jungle he`s on a self-discovery journey during which he`s going to find some interesting characters like python called Kaa and orangutan called King Louie and two of those are trying to force Mowgli to discover where is “red flower“.

The Jungle Book 2016 Cast

The Jungle Book 2016 Actors and Producers

Scarlett Johansson as voice of Kaa

Idris Elba as voice of Shere Khan

Neel Sethi as Mowgli

Christopher Walken as voice of King Louie

Bill Muray as voice of Baloo

Ben Kingsley as voice of Bagheera

Lupita Nyong`o as voice of Raksha

Giancarlo Esposito as voice of Akela

Producers of The Jungle Book 2016 are: Jon Favreau and Brigham Taylor.

The Jungle Book 2016 Scene

The Jungle Book 2016 Release date and Trivia

As we`ve mentioned, April of 2016 will be release date of new The Jungle Book 2016 and we`ve heard that producers and everybody else who have worked on this spectacular movie will try to make it to be 15th April so we can say that isn`t far away. There are more than one interesting fact about this movie but we will tell you some of them. To start from Bill Muray who`s going to borrow his voice to the Baloo and we know that his older brother has given his voice to the Baloo in Jungle Book from 1967. Mr Richard M. Sherman which wrote songs for Jungle Book from 1967 will wrote new song for this new The Jungle Book 2016 as well. Those are just few of the most interesting details about this movie and the rest is on you to discover. Wait until the April and then hurry to the theaters to watch this amazing movie.

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